Silver Spoons by Sarah Dickinson

tumblr_n6hno2qixr1sfxmouo1_500Silver Spoons : One's Journey Through Addiction by [Dickinson, Sarah ]

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My Ratings: 4/5 stars

My Review:

Silver Spoons is a story told in the form of letters. The entire book is comprised of letters telling the journey of an addict and what happens when one goes through withdrawals. Reading those letters, I felt like I was peeking into the mind of the person, feeling their helplessness, their addiction first-handed. The letters described the intimacy of their relationship, the dependency. It was just an entire ride of emotions through and through. Continue reading

Letter to myself #3 Catalyst for change


Dear angry lil wolf,

Let the day of today, Friday the 15th become a catalyst for change in you. You have thrived on your “hard to be with” personality but now there’s a requirement in the world to change it. You have asked and demanded such things out of people which no ordinary person could ever or would ever give you. And so, the only persons who cared the most about you were the ones who had little in their lives to care for.  Continue reading

Pain letter#1 Heartless Response


(Read at your own risk. May cause severe depression and crying episodes to the one it is intended for)

To the one behind the Mask

I’ve never gotten a pain letter before. You see I was told I am a terrible patience stone, too self-involved to actually listen to people’s problems without overshadowing it with my own. Yet, how many has it been? Two, three letters so far? Nah, more if I look deeply into all your letters because there is anguish in all of them.  Continue reading

Letter by a stranger #1 Girl who owns the world


She’s gorgeous, the way some girls are. Girls who walk into a room and own it without owning everyone’s gaze, who don’t look into a mirror because they don’t need to, who drive half the world crazy with their curls, who invoke the testimony of ‘Oh my God’ with their smile, who look as magnificent with no makeup as a blank canvas, alluring and entirely whole
I walk in.
And I see and write and paint their faces with ink on my pages. Until I write letters to commemorate how entirely beautiful they are and always should be, not in how they look, but in how they are.
And I tell them, Girl, the world should be yours. So make it.letter-banner166669456.jpg

Letter to Misery #1

I watched my life as if it were happening to someone else. I did not live it. All the mess I created, unleashing my chaotic mind upon the tangent of relations so carefully accepted, weaved, built upon by myself; the things and people I moved away from, distancing myself, leaving behind just scrapes of memories more unhappy than not, I wonder if someone ever did that to me what would I think of them? Continue reading

Letter to Nobody in Particular#1 – Redundant


Everything is simple until we make it complicated and then we yell and cry because things aren’t going right when it is all in our heads. And I’m not saying that makes it less real just surreal moments in life should be enjoyed and not thought about or overthought about wondering if they will ever come again. That kind of thinking could make one go insane. I think perhaps I already am.   Continue reading