Oh world of mine

Oh lover, disappointment be thy name.
A minute stretched to hours, less figuratively.
All words are farse, truth is a lie in itself.
Oh lover, contentment be my name.
Patience turned to lack of self worth.
All lies etched deep into my skin, believing everything.

Oh mother, what world have you brought me into.
The dreams lie tattered around me
Half-realised to frustrating extents.

Oh father, what strong walls you’ve built around me.
They cage my heart within the body they’re meant to safeguard.
Crushing me as I dare to breathe.

Book Spotlight- The Selah Branch by Ted Neill

The Selah Branch 16.jpg

Goodreads link: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/36179241-the-selah-branch
Amazon link: http://a.co/eC30MhP

Book synopsis: As a black college student in the rural West Virginia town of Selah Station, Kenia Dezy already feels out of place. But when an unexplained phenomenon starts transporting her back to pre-civil rights 1953, she finds herself woven into a tapestry of racial triumphs and tragedies. She begins to unravel secrets that powerful men would rather keep hidden, even if it means massacring an entire town through an industrial disaster. At the intersection of race, gender, class, and privilege, Kenia must navigate a community and a country wrestling with its past, present, and future identities.

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Letter to Misery #1

I watched my life as if it were happening to someone else. I did not live it. All the mess I created, unleashing my chaotic mind upon the tangent of relations so carefully accepted, weaved, built upon by myself; the things and people I moved away from, distancing myself, leaving behind just scrapes of memories more unhappy than not, I wonder if someone ever did that to me what would I think of them? Continue reading

A thousand and one stories #30 French Fries

There’s a bed I share with only me. The pillows that stay pay rent by soaking my tears and inhaling the curses and sobs I exhale onto it.
The quilt pays taxes to my body, hiding it from the world, it’s a good place to escape in. This bedsheet and mattress hold me together.. each piece of me that breaks, they take care of it proper till I’m ready to pick it back up and glue the stuff back to my skin again.
What I wouldn’t do to be thin again!
But the food I eat, delivered to me on this bed got spilt and scattered but that never mattered to me. Continue reading