Letter to a stranger again #22 You’re yellow

Hey asshole motherfucker,

I loved him way before I learned to love myself and I don’t there will ever come a day when I don’t feel the same way.
He taught me how to look at myself, unafraid and what it means to truly care for someone you’ve never met. He showed me all the ways you can look at someone without changing your eyes or the person you look upon.
His scented jean jacket has a letter I sneaked into his pocket when he was searching for a place to sit and fuck it, I’ll just sit on this edge of the balcony with you. Kick back your shoes. I really like you hair all tied up.

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English in UK and US- You’re a good chap, mate.

The two great nations are divided into a commonly spoken language, funny, right? I once read that there isn’t a thing such as ‘correct’ English. This is one ever-evolving language that is spoken in variations all around the globe. But when we talk about UK and US, the distinctions are more evident and persistent. There are many differences in the written as well as spoken American and British English. Let’s talk about this age-old joke:
British: Colour
America: Color
British: Flavour
America: Flavor
British: What are you doing?
America: Getting rid of ‘u’, Lmao. Continue reading

A Thousand and One Stories#24 Vault or Prison?

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She allowed herself to give someone her love but not her thoughts. There are some things she needs to keep for herself for they are too simple, too hers to ever be spoken aloud. There is a road that she never travelled upon and it haunted her mind still and yet if she told someone about it, the magic would be gone. If someone analysed the meaning of it, adviced her on her actions or even just acknowledged it, then it just wouldn’t be her thought anymore. Because it would be out in the world and she wasn’t ready for it. Continue reading

A Thousand and One Stories#23 Mountain Climber

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There was a girl who once started trying to climb a mountain for no reason other than the heck of it. She had slept in the shade of the tree and eaten its fruit for so long, she didn’t feel like leaving it. The grass patch was home to her.But every day she would see climbers climb up that hill and yell from the top. She heard the cheerful echoes. Continue reading

A Thousand and One Stories#22 Dragon

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There was once a fucked-up palace upon a messed-up island and there lived a crazy girl and a weirdo dragon. Well, they fought daily because of the anxiety created in the place because of circumstances. (By the way, circumstances were these little pixies in the air who spread anxiety all over the place). Well, one day the girl fell off the island and she didn’t know how to swim. Continue reading

Letter to Nobody in Particular#1 – Redundant


Everything is simple until we make it complicated and then we yell and cry because things aren’t going right when it is all in our heads. And I’m not saying that makes it less real just surreal moments in life should be enjoyed and not thought about or overthought about wondering if they will ever come again. That kind of thinking could make one go insane. I think perhaps I already am.   Continue reading

A Thousand and One Stories#21 The Portrait

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The master of the house doesn’t like to see anyone. He stays in his study, reading, listening to old records and never saying a word to anyone. Even the servants got their direction through a written message from the pipe system installed in the house.
It was weird for the cook to have to decrypt his cursive writing every morning to decode whether it was coffee he wanted for breakfast or cocoa. Continue reading