A thousand and one stories #27 Door

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I don’t stretch out my legs and arms and neck to get ready for the day to come anymore. I lay on my sofa bed, with a packet of chips and eat when I don’t even feel like it. There’s a door to my house that’s always opening and closing but my eyes are mostly closed, I don’t even realise who does it. But every once in a while when I do get up to avoid being soaked in my own piss and shit, I see my legs shivering. They’re not used to it. My head still spins at the thought of getting up and up it goes mostly when I’m high. Tired, and sleepy and mostly half awake, I think it’s gotten used to viewing part-reality. Continue reading


A Thousand and one stories #26 Monologue

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What’s the loudest sound you’ve ever heard apart from the sound of your own voice echoing beyond measures stuck in the walls of your head?
I’ve heard something louder than it. And it just goes on and on, never ending but less maddening, more… peaceful and more lifelike.
Have you heard the sound silence makes?

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Letter to a stranger again #22 You’re yellow

Hey asshole motherfucker,

I loved him way before I learned to love myself and I don’t there will ever come a day when I don’t feel the same way.
He taught me how to look at myself, unafraid and what it means to truly care for someone you’ve never met. He showed me all the ways you can look at someone without changing your eyes or the person you look upon.
His scented jean jacket has a letter I sneaked into his pocket when he was searching for a place to sit and fuck it, I’ll just sit on this edge of the balcony with you. Kick back your shoes. I really like you hair all tied up.

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English in UK and US- You’re a good chap, mate.

The two great nations are divided into a commonly spoken language, funny, right? I once read that there isn’t a thing such as ‘correct’ English. This is one ever-evolving language that is spoken in variations all around the globe. But when we talk about UK and US, the distinctions are more evident and persistent. There are many differences in the written as well as spoken American and British English. Let’s talk about this age-old joke:
British: Colour
America: Color
British: Flavour
America: Flavor
British: What are you doing?
America: Getting rid of ā€˜uā€™, Lmao. Continue reading

A thousand and one stories #16 Prey

This is how communalism destroys.

The vultures don’t circle the same tree anymore.
It was about time they stopped invading the Bat’s territory. They used to look from afar before they dared to step on to one of the branches, casually making acquaintance with the tree that wasn’t theirs. Until more of them came seeing the initiative of other. The bats stayed asleep. What’s another bird in their midst? It’s a huge tree anyway. They’ll leave when they’re rested.

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