1001 stories: Pebble


He never got noticed, but she did. He got trampled upon by the voyeurs who came for a glance of her.

He was quite down-to-earth, standing amidst sand and dirt, rolling around with the kicks of the people who occasionally did bend down to touch him, as if giving him hope- hope that one day he would be worth something too.

She was magnificent in her vastness, flowing with the wind and dancing to its tunes making a melody of her own that enticed people, enchanted them and wanderers looked with awe in their eyes at something quite beyond their embrace.

He would sit amidst thousands like him, noticing the one scratch, one shade, one shape that made him stand out from the crowd of all those worthless, shapeless sturdy fighters who were also struggling in the sand.

And yet, on days like these, he would feel like there is no difference at all, for the fate of them all was the same. Beginning and ending with the same handful of dust that it had emerged from.

She was stretched beyond imaginations to the places as far as eyes could see and often beyond that as well. She stood noisly alone, yet calm and composed with her worth imprinted on the faces of those who came from far and wide just to touch her.

There may be others like her, but none dared to step into the domain that was solely and unabashedly hers. When she was around, there was no way any entity could even come close to stealing away her spotlight. Her charm wouldn’t allow such a thing to happen.

Things changed after a while though and he grew more and more restless. She shrunk more and more into her shell. He wanted a way out. She was being reduced to a mere nothing.

And then there is today

She awoke to the spark of first sunlight that danced on her skin like a thousand diamonds. He felt it burn his skin as it got reflected off from her.

A girl came and sat next to this enchanting beauty with him right next to her feet. But her focus wasn’t on her but on him as she picked him up in her palms and touched it ever so lightly. She pulled her hand back and allowed him to fly for the first time in his life, rising high above all others, if only for a moment before he drowned inside her, falling deep and deeper.

And that’s how a pebble on a sandstone beach met the salty sea.


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Oh world of mine

Oh lover, disappointment be thy name.
A minute stretched to hours, less figuratively.
All words are farse, truth is a lie in itself.
Oh lover, contentment be my name.
Patience turned to lack of self worth.
All lies etched deep into my skin, believing everything.

Oh mother, what world have you brought me into.
The dreams lie tattered around me
Half-realised to frustrating extents.

Oh father, what strong walls you’ve built around me.
They cage my heart within the body they’re meant to safeguard.
Crushing me as I dare to breathe.

I’ve lost more than I found

I found a friend, a brother, a magnanimous soul.

I lost a lover, a decent human being.

I found shelter, care, support and warmth.

I lost it the second I walked out without a second glance.

This time, the fault was mine. I take entirety of the blame, but isn’t it true that I did give second, third and many chances to you?

This is why, I mind catching feels for another. This is why, I avoid labels and commitments with others.

Wrong time, wrong word, wrong place, wrong circumstance and easily it could have been changed.

I just don’t know how.

I’ve never done this before, remember?

And if you go now, I’ll never do this. Never.

And if you stay now, and forgive

Then perhaps and maybe

I have been right to catch feels.

Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health. Please Read my fiction carefully.

Close-Up Photography of a Person Holding Cigarette

I dragged you away from my lips like an old cigarette that didn’t taste quite as poisonous as the smoke already inside my lungs that I had kept trapped over years of inhalation and when I exhaled it this once pushing it out from deep in my core, the smoke ring traced the shape of your jawline. You were always a chain addiction. It was impossible to have just moments of you and not engulf you whole with every single drag because every hit I took, every cough you gave was filling me in with the smoke but also the warmth and the high that only you could.  Continue reading