A thousand and one stories #16 Prey

This is how communalism destroys.

The vultures don’t circle the same tree anymore.
It was about time they stopped invading the Bat’s territory. They used to look from afar before they dared to step on to one of the branches, casually making acquaintance with the tree that wasn’t theirs. Until more of them came seeing the initiative of other. The bats stayed asleep. What’s another bird in their midst? It’s a huge tree anyway. They’ll leave when they’re rested.

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A Thousand and One Stories #15 Dead Girl crying

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There was once a dead girl who just wouldn’t stop crying.
She screeched and bawled and made tiny baby noise from her throat and she would choke on her own saliva when her tongue would roll up in her mouth. But she had to cry it out, that was all she could do. For even choked and in pain, she couldn’t die again. Continue reading

A Thousand and One Stories #14 Bar

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If you wanna go, then go. I won’t stop you.

There are just some words in my head that need to be said and they will be said whether or not there’s someone there to hear it. Because you see the world’s all filled with noise anyway, you can’t even hear the sound of heartbeats anymore. The only sound that I think still echoes all around is one of heartbreak but the clinking of glasses at a wooden table in the far corner of the bar drown it as well while a slow rhythm plays out the songs of grief of a love unrequited,  a half-smoked cigarette and a faraway dream. Continue reading

Song to a lover #1

Hello Darlin
I got your hands caressing my head
Oh darlin, I smile when you pull my hair.

This ain’t wrong darlin
The bruises on my hand
It’s always strong darlin
Wouldn’t you just stand
By me?

Cheers Love,
To all the times I left
Cheers Baby,
To the cold words said
It ain’t wrong darlin
We just stay side by side
It’s always strong darlin
Even after a thousand fights

So cheers love,
You made me speak out my truth.
And cheers baby,
We don’t got nothing to loose
Was it Better before?

Do you feel numb inside?
Do you want to start another fight?
Do you like, darlin
When I just yell
Would it be better darlin
If none of us ever fell
Right here.

So cheers love,
This song is all for you
And cheers baby,
I think it was long due
To you
The world hasn’t been good.
Cheers darlin,
Because you never stopped trying
Even when you should.
So hello darlin
Cz I’m tired to say goodbye
To you, I think
I will never ever lie.

Created by: A bad lover but an okayish friend.

A thousand and one stories #12 Good things

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There’s this bitter taste in my mouth and it’s not from the bad experiences.
It’s from all the good things in life. They leave this glittery trail behind, it’s blinding to a man like me. Every time I see the rain, I’m left with an aching of getting drenched in it.
But no, I cannot. I cannot go out. I cannot survive if I step out in the world.
Every time I see the leaves dance and fall to the autumn wind, I want to pick one up and press them in my book. But if I touch a leaf, it’d fall apart in my hand. My hand would disintegrate too. For that is my curse.
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A thousand and one stories #11 Longing

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The night is young, unlike the old couple that sits on the edge dipping their feet into the water. If she wasn’t so lonely right now, she would smile at the image. But there was this pain and she didn’t know where it came from. One blurry face in her mind, that wide smile that kept fading day after day. How do people deal with heartbreak? How are they so strong? The old man placed a kiss on the woman’s cheek and she flinched. How are people strong enough to make it after all these years? Continue reading