Letter to a stranger again #22 You’re yellow

Hey asshole motherfucker,

I loved him way before I learned to love myself and I don’t there will ever come a day when I don’t feel the same way.
He taught me how to look at myself, unafraid and what it means to truly care for someone you’ve never met. He showed me all the ways you can look at someone without changing your eyes or the person you look upon.
His scented jean jacket has a letter I sneaked into his pocket when he was searching for a place to sit and fuck it, I’ll just sit on this edge of the balcony with you. Kick back your shoes. I really like you hair all tied up.

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Letter to Nobody in Particular#1 – Redundant


Everything is simple until we make it complicated and then we yell and cry because things aren’t going right when it is all in our heads. And I’m not saying that makes it less real just surreal moments in life should be enjoyed and not thought about or overthought about wondering if they will ever come again. That kind of thinking could make one go insane. I think perhaps I already am.   Continue reading

Song to a lover #1

Hello Darlin
I got your hands caressing my head
Oh darlin, I smile when you pull my hair.

This ain’t wrong darlin
The bruises on my hand
It’s always strong darlin
Wouldn’t you just stand
By me?

Cheers Love,
To all the times I left
Cheers Baby,
To the cold words said
It ain’t wrong darlin
We just stay side by side
It’s always strong darlin
Even after a thousand fights

So cheers love,
You made me speak out my truth.
And cheers baby,
We don’t got nothing to loose
Was it Better before?

Do you feel numb inside?
Do you want to start another fight?
Do you like, darlin
When I just yell
Would it be better darlin
If none of us ever fell
Right here.

So cheers love,
This song is all for you
And cheers baby,
I think it was long due
To you
The world hasn’t been good.
Cheers darlin,
Because you never stopped trying
Even when you should.
So hello darlin
Cz I’m tired to say goodbye
To you, I think
I will never ever lie.

Created by: A bad lover but an okayish friend.

Letter to Mr No Labels #6 Coward

Dear Coward,
Take a stand.
Well, I’m done being sappy. I think anger is the next step. Your forceful attempts at reconciliation, your asking me ‘How are you?‘, your mouth but not your words. My heart skipped a beat when I saw your name on caller ID. How goddamn stupid of me to think you actually missed me. I didn’t smile even once throughout the conversation because I could see it wasn’t your intention.
You are such a coward. You lack a spine.
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Letter to Mr No labels #5 The spaces between us.

The way the silences speak when you see the things you are unable to hear; that is how it was- the space between us. Instead of an emptiness, the space had a physical presence like a brick wall with just one brick slightly loose. I often pulled it out to take a peek on the other side but you were too busy painting walls to notice my gaze. After every look, I would fit the brick back in, convincing myself to not pull it loose again but my fingers still touch it occasionally. Continue reading