So, I was on the Cover of a Magazine


The May Cover of Books and Buzz Magazine, which is essentially an e-magazine for author and blogger community featured me as Book Reviewer of the Month.

In a conversation with the editor of the Magazine Timothy Pike, I answered questions about my life and career. I talked about how by the time I turned eighteen, I had already read no fewer than 1,000 books and written 400 reviews.  In my feature article for the magazine, I reveal what else I spend all my time doing, the book genre I don’t like at all, and what it takes to write great book reviews.

I also shared one of my favorite book reviews of Underground: The Tokyo Gas Attack and the Japanese Psyche by Haruki Murakami with them.

The book is a compilation of incidents that led to the Tokyo gas attack collected through research and interviews. I was impressed by Murakami’s ability to stick to the truth while weaving an interesting story. It’s one of my favorite Non-Fiction books and you can read review here.

For those interested in getting their book reviewed, author interview on my blog or draft critique, here a link to the Chapterbuzz profile.


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Didn’t get a second chance….

You’ve all heard the phrase “Life will give you a second chance.” Or “It’s all about second chances”

Well, not really. You see I was chatting with a stranger day before yesterday(actually night).
Okay, you must be thinking. Of course it had to go wrong. What were you thinking Alex? That’s the thing, I wasn’t thinking. I was bored and not talking to my best friend and I needed to just talk about stupid things. So I went on a website.

Simple. You talk to strangers about whatever you want. Male or female,  young or old, maybe entirely on the other side of the world. And if you don’t like the person, you leave chat immediately and they connect you to someone else. I found some pretty interesting people there. And it was good for a one time chat. Some were just horny teenagers waiting to sext. (I ignored those)
But others were pretty cool! Another thing, you don’t know anything about them. They might be lying you never know. Once I pretended to be a 23 year old girl from Germany.. Haha that was fun.

I know you are getting bored, coming to the point here.
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A Fun day out and creating memories.

We all know how important college life is.  But even more important are the friends and memories we make. Yesterday, me and my friends went for a picnic and had lots if fun.
And even though my whole body hurts from exhausting myself above the limit and I caught a cold,  I still regret nothing.
It was the best time I had in the whole month. And I bet when I’m all grown up and have a busy schedule,  I’m going to look at the pictures and relish these moments.
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Back from a Break

Hey guys! Sorry for disappearing for a  few days but I sure as hell don’t regret it. I didn’t read any book. I stayed away from the Internet. And I truly enjoyed the nature.

I went on a roadtrip with my family and it was sooo much fun. Living in India has its perks. I’ll be sharing my experience with you soon.

Till then,

Signing off