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Bio: Alex Murakami, the girl who stole Murakami’s last name and plans to steal his cat. Besides Murakami’s cat, she is also obsessed with Ed Sheeran, Damien Rice, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Coldplay and Imagine Dragons in music; J K Rowling, Hemingway, Cassie Clare, Oscar Wilde, Neil Gaiman and Khaled Hosseini among writers; Shakespeare, GB Shaw, Beckett, Sartre and Marlowe among dramatists; Cesare Pavese, Bukowski, Plath and Akhmatova among poets; Dead Poet’s Society, Into the Wild, Grave of the Fireflies, Forrest Gump and V for Vendetta among movies and Friends, HIMYM, GoT, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Rick & Morty and Black Mirror in TV Shows. An amateur DJ whose services have been often requested, she has a soft spot for EDM, Jazz and plain ole Rock n Roll.

Some other soft spots go to visual arts including sketches, paintings, photography and dramatics. Fictional book boyfriend list goes on for pages, but Fred and George, Moriarty, Sebastian Morgenstern and Clay top the list. Among things she hates are – traditional gender roles, cruelty towards animals and daily sops.
She also has restless feet that don’t let her settle anywhere and she wants to give them free reign letting them take her around the world (especially Murakami’s home) but her tongue is even more restless- she is either singing beautifully or rambling about all sorts of subjects- aesthetics, books, visual arts, her grandma, her friends or maggie (she can ramble on all those subjects for hours, especially maggie) you name it, especially when she is high on coffee.

You might sometimes think that she is talking deep stuff or talking about how much she likes you but she is probably quoting some book or lyrics of some song.
Besides her blabbering, beautiful hair and Jazz voice, she can also be identified by her sensitivity towards animals, belief that she is really precocious and her excessive use of Black heart as signature emoji.

I accept ARCs and bookish as well as other products and will review them on my blog. Check out my Review policy.

Authors who want to promote their book or other bloggers can Contact me.

The main reason I started this blog is to talk about books and authors I loved, liked or didn’t like. Then it turned out to be a space where I could vent out my personal feelings, give a platform to my fiction and just be myself. So along with bopk reviews and bookish stuff, there will be lots of letters, stories and personal rambles on the blog.

Oh, also I want to do book tags. It’s really fun. So if you’ve got something, please TAG ME. 😊

64 thoughts on “About Me

  1. zeebam says:

    oHai there!

    I just wanted to drop by and thank you for following me! I’m in the middle of planning a wedding for October, so I’ll be MIA after a few weeks here, but I’ll be back! Hope to get some good book suggestions here as well! ^_^


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