Harnessing Light by S.B Goncarova


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My Rating: 4.5 stars

About this book:

“I SAID GOODNIGHT knowing full well it was goodbye, and then in the dark, you were there, on the bed next to me, only three thousand something miles away, and the quiet sounds of you muddling on your guitar seep into my veins and lull me into that cloudy space between awake and asleep, and in the end I am brought back to the beginning–“

Can one create a love so bright, that it crosses distance and time? In this enduring love story, Harnessing Light is the journey of one woman trekking across the world in a search to find home, peace, purpose and love. In a quest that transcends physical limitations, Harnessing Light beckons us to our own, to discover what the true search really is.

My Review:

Harnessing Light- This book is everything and more. The best part about this book is that it sums up everything in just a few pages. The book not only narrates a sweet yet melancholic story of love and light, but also pictures that match the mood and poems that enter the story at a very relevant time.

The writing is something that amazed me because of its imagery and instant connect.

Cheery optimism as pungent as the scent of microorganisms in the soil awakening after a long winter’s sleep.

And the gloomy feeling was overpowering for the main character.

I had gone to a place where I had to deaden something inside before returning and was still pretty numb to my surroundings.

Yet, this book did not turn depressing and instead filled me with positive vibes. I had an ebook but seeing the setting of the book, I could assume how perfect it would be to hold this book in my hands.


It is evident how much effort has been put into the construction of each sentence to make it look subtle and effortless. That is why I loved reading it and any person who believes in the power of love would too.

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