The Squirrel Squire and the Tournament of Oaks by Erik DeLeo

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My Rating: 5/5 stars

About this book:

A small but brave squirrel. An annual tournament. And threats from a dark challenger. 

Squire Puff faces many pressures, but searching for a missing knight isn’t supposed to be one of them. When things take a turn for the worse, can he face his fears and help avert disaster? If Puff can’t find the champion, he’s the only one left who can fight.

My Review:

The squirrel squire is a fun story about an underdog who learns how to face his fears, focus on his goals and beat the odds. It is exactly the kind of story that one should read out to children. The book follows the story of a squirrel named Puff who is just a squire to a great knight. But right before the day of the battle of the squirrel clans, the mighty knight disappears. The author has managed to develop a likeable and relatable character as Puff while keeping Sir Pattercloud as someone children can look up to. Puff’s insecurities and attitude really reminded me of what teenagers are like. The talking animals really reminded me of the Narnia world and the storyline is fun and adventurous. The writing is also quite simple, easy to understand and enjoy. Since it is a really short book, it can manage to captivate one’s attention till the end, even if the reader is a kid and since the plot is fast-paced, you can finish this book in one sitting. The cover is also pretty cute with that squirrel holding the sword.


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