My First Padded Book of Animals

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My first padded book of Animals is a children’s book which has a padded cover so it is neither hardcover nor soft-bound. It is full of pictures of animals that little children are most attracted towards and so it is easier to teach kids the names and words associated with it. Children find it interesting to see pictures of different pets and wild animals. The book is meant for kindergarten children ages one to five years. It has just 26 pages but even in those 26 pages, it has many colourful bright pictures to keep the kids engaged for a few hours. The book was pretty well researched by the content creators. The book cover is a bright red and the pages of the book are of high quality so it is hard for kids to ruin the book by tearing or chewing on the pages. I got this book on a lightning deal so it was cheaper. Otherwise, the price can be one factor why people would choose not to buy this book. Children books should be kept cheap.

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