Pratham Hindi Varnmala

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Hindi has a lot of importance in India and every child should learn it. That is why I was pleasantly surprised when I saw that the padded book series had a book solely dedicated to Hindi alphabets as well. I have even forgotten the Hindi alphabets and so it is important that one has a book if one wishes to teach it to a kid. This book had the Hindi alphabets or varnmala along with complementing pictures and words starting from those alphabets. Teaching Hindi to kids is comparatively easy and all the more essential since it is the language of conversation is most households. This book makes introducing Hindi words to kids easier. Children are easily able to know the word after looking at the picture and so they learn how to spell it or what alphabets constitute it as well. This book is also 26 pages long and meant for kindergarten kids aged one to five years. It is not too expensive given the quality of the cover, pages and font used in printing the content. The picture quality is also very good and attractive colors have been used to keep children engaged.


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