It’s all about the click by Priyanka Mathur

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Book Review:

It’s all about the click is as realistic as it is fantastical. Lost in her imaginary worlds, Mitali is searching for someone she will just click with. But finding a perfect partner on the web is never a good choice. With people and their insane expectations, downright demeaning stereotypes and absurd behaviour, Mitali thinks she will never find the someone she is looking for. Until she does. That’s where the realistic part of the story ends and the romantic surrealism begins. Her life is thrown in the whirl wind and she does not know what choices are right anymore. Well, I must say that I don’t like romance very much which is why I was quite disappointed with the second half of this book but the beginning was intriguing and I was surprised to notice that the writing wasn’t that bad. It is a fast-paced book so the story does not drag on for long. Yet, I didn’t quite like Mitali’s character much. Guess I am just over characters who are way in over their heads.

But I appreciate the kind of subtle social message the author has tried to give in the first half of the book showcasing the different stereotypes that exist in the society.

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