Myrrendryl by Kirby Lord


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My Rating: 4/5 stars

About the Book:

The curtain, the veil, the void, the abyss. So many names for the mystery of the beyond. People spend a good part of their lives just wanting to lift the heavy canvas of the circus tent and take a peek inside. Eventually they’ll know, in the end, we all know, but mankind is an impatient beast. Sadly, for most, if they ever could pull aside that curtain, they would spend the rest of their lives trying to forget that they ever had.Myrrendryl tells the tale of four seemingly unconnected youth bound to one another in a way none of them could have guessed and knowing would threaten to shatter their very existence. The hands of fate appear to play them like marionettes, but are they truly controlled by fate? Or are they their own masters? A story that questions what is real, and what is the sands of dreams. A story ultimately, about the human condition and what deep down, we are willing to sacrifice.

My Review:

Myrrendryl by Kirby Lord is a wondrous book. It is a book that deals with the profound meaning of life and death, of one’s existence through a fantasy theme. The book is about four characters who are unknowingly connected in a mysterious way.

What’s the plot?

Despite the book dealing more with the underlying themes and the meaning beneath the actual story and words, the plot remained fast-paced so one never got bored through the book. The book begins with the story of Davey McKidd, a boy who has been bullied badly and has an abusive dad. Within the first few chapters, he has run away from home and that is a teenage fantasy almost anyone can relate with. Fortunately, what happens afterwards is limited to imagination only.


Though I liked how the characters were portrayed in the book, I hoped that they got a little more chance to evolve through the chapters. The entire description of the characters bothered me a little because I found it hard to distinguish them. They needed some unique distinct characteristic for them to be memorable but unfortunately weren’t so. Yet, I did like Davey and he is one of the characters I am sure to keep in my memory bank.


I did love the prose, it was beautifully written and made the entire reading experience enjoyable. The dialogues seemed very realistic and I was constantly appreciating a paragraph or other. It was evident that the author had put in a lot of work in writing this book. From narration to the conversation, Kirby Lord seemed to have taken care of the writing part. I would, however, suggest a bit more descriptive nature of the premise. I could picture the characters and the scenes but was finding it hard to picture the premise of the place the story was taking place in.


Summing it up

This book is only for those who like reading Fantasy novels that have more depth than action. The book is an easy read and filled with a mystery to keep you glued to the pages until it ends. The writer may not become your favourite author with just this book but you will also appreciate the storytelling.

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