The Legends of a Start-up Guy by Prachi Garg


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My Rating: 4/5 stars

My review:

The Legends of a Start-up guy is a book about entrepreneurship that is intertwined with Hindu mythology. But it is not just a fictional story, but also a motivational book. It could also be used as a reference book by someone looking forward to starting up a new venture.
Now one might think how is there so many things summed up in one book? Well, the book tries to fit the story of an entrepreneur about how he starts a new business. The story is fictional and quite interesting to read. His journey as an entrepreneur is what newbies who wish to start a start-up can learn from.
One faces a lot of problems while making a new business successful. The names of characters in the book are derived from Hindu epics. There are other underlying elements of Hindu mythology as well. The entire story is written with the narrative of real-life events where our protagonist Ganesh gets motivated to start a new venture.
Ganesha is the youngest guy in a powerful family. The names of his parents -Shiva, Parvati and Uncle Vishnu are all inspired from Hindu Mythology. And Ganesh’s character matches the Hindu epic as well. He loves food and is a bit lazy yet clever. His character is shown to be quite intelligent and innovative, much like his mythological counterpart. Since he comes from a powerful family, he tries his best to distinguish himself. He knows that it is not enough to just have a strong background. He is struggling to establish his individuality and so goes through tough times to show everyone his worth. Like most entrepreneurs, he has a strong will and determination. But more than that, he has a purpose. All businessmen who make it big in the world are those who begin with a purpose.
But it is not just a motivational book written in a fictional style. Quite the opposite actually. It gives you actual entrepreneurial tips but with the narrative of an interesting story.
There were so many elements in the book that I enjoyed. Considering that I am fascinated by Hindu mythology, I loved the relatability. When I saw Ganesha getting inspiration from his pet rat, I rolled out laughing. The book is really short and has an apt ending so any person can enjoy it even if they are not particularly interested in start-ups. But those who like reading a business book will find something refreshing in this book.
Since I have read the previous books of Prachi Garg, I am aware of her writing in non-fiction style but I became fond of her fictional writing in this book. She deals with a theme that she is most familiar with – business and writes a fantastic story on it.
The premise is written well-enough to fit into 15 concise chapters. And it was nice to see that the author gave enough attention to the other characters and portrayed them nicely. The plot is nothing extraordinary but one could term this book as a coming-to-age book. I saw the character growth of Ganesha after every chapter and loved to read how he faced the difficulties.
The book also explained important marketing concepts in an easy manner. Usually, it is difficult to explain the practicality of these concepts and with actual suggestions for implementing them. But the book does it nicely, even with the use of technical terms.
Overall, it was a fun read and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I’d recommend it for some casual reading to the commoners and for serious reading to the ones who wish to start a start-up.

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