The Blogger Trailmap: What every blogger needs to learn

tumblr_n6hno2qIxr1sfxmouo1_500The Blogger Trailmap: How to Take Your Blog to the  Next Level in Easy Steps by [Frost, Chivi]

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Rating: 5 stars.

Book Review:

The Blogger Trailmap goes on like a post from your favorite blog. It encompasses all that it preaches in a way that you will find catch headlines, clear bullet points and templates for easy understanding.

The book doesn’t deter from its name and provides a clear road map for how to create a successful blog (or just make your existing blog successful because that’s what I was more interested in). Blogging is a creative and new niche and since almost everyone has a unique voice and a diverse set of talents, anyone can start blogging because they have something to offer that people would be interested in.

When I began blogging, I did it to mainly talk about books because I thought I had a way of looking at all the books I read and I was looking for people with similar thought process. What I realized though, was that there were many other book bloggers with their own unique perspective and voice and I loved interacting with them as much as I liked someone with commonality.

Yet I remember the times I would actually unfollow the blogs I really liked just out of spite, when I saw them doing really good with their posts and I couldn’t manage as much traffic or as many followers. It’s stupid since I would still go on their blog almost like stalking it. Then, once I found my own way of doing things, everything turned out just fine. That is how blogging works.

Your audience isn’t just people similar to you, because everyone is unique anyway but someone who would be interested in similar things. That’s your niche. The book emphasizes about lots of Dos and Don’ts of blogging and I found them to be really helpful. I just wish I had found this book back when I was just starting out with blogging because it took me a lot of time to understand these things by myself.

Chivi Frost has a good understanding of how blogging works and tries to encompass them in a personal manner instead of the usual formal technical blogging books. Even if you are really good at blogging and running a successful blog, you should still read this book because of the nostalgic feeling of the hardships and what it took to reach there.

Since Chivi Frost mentions her own personal experiences, the entire book becomes more relatable and I must say that those templates are really useful. I’m quite a disorganized and inconsistent person but that gives even a hopeless like me some kind of direction.
Highly recommend.

Check out to see that the blogger trailmap actually works


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