1001 stories Don’t disappear

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10 Oct 10:15 pm
You’ll have to stand by me and not disappear. Understand?
Stick with me through all of this.
She said as she grabbed his tiny hands and he shook with anticipation.
The night that was yet to come had been destined to be the best night of his life but he wondered if he should be disappointed about it instead of being hyperexcited. For after now, every night he spent in his entire life, would never match up to this magnificent moment and wasn’t that just a depressing thought to spend your entire life with?
But then he thought about the people who walked through their mediocre lives without ever experiencing excellence. They wait and wait for their perfect night, only for it to remain a distant dream even as they breathe their last. The shine of their eyes die in anticipation. Atleast his hands were only shaking.
You’re here right? Don’t disappear. I’m telling you. It won’t be good, for you or for me.
Hmm.. I forgot what I was saying. By the way, who are you? She looked at the child clutching to her side, his hands clasped in hers. The boy looked up to unrecognisable green eyes. Her aunt’s sapphire blue had disappeared from view. In warning him not to disappear, she herself had lost hold on her consciousness and now there was someone else by his side. It was a starting out to be a recipe for disaster. How could this ever be, his perfect night?
Blow the candles, someone whispered close to his ears but he looked all around and not a shadow was there. The hair at the back of his neck stood up.
Are you still here? I thought you were already dead. The lady twisted her neck to the side looking at an empty space in the dark night.
Blow the candles, the whisper came again in the boy’s ears.
Where are the candles? He whispered back to nothingness.
I know where the wax is, said the lady, now leaving his hand. Then she bent down on her knees to say it in his ear. Right here
The boy felt a scalding pain in his ears as if somehow his entire face was burning from within but the fire originated in his ears. Blow the candles, blow the candles, he screamed here and there.
Don’t you disappear, said the lady. It’s one perfect night. You’re the reason for the morning and their sunlight. He looked at the world, still asleep, yet to wake as slowly the stars began to disappear.
The sun, my dear son, has to die tonight. But you’re the one who will burn for their everyday light.
Blow the candle, as the devil says in your ears and you’ll doom humankind to their terrible fate.
I am. I have. I shall, said the boy.
This is one perfect night for I’ll never see another.
But they are me, they have me and so, they shall see.

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