I’ve lost more than I found

I found a friend, a brother, a magnanimous soul.

I lost a lover, a decent human being.

I found shelter, care, support and warmth.

I lost it the second I walked out without a second glance.

This time, the fault was mine. I take entirety of the blame, but isn’t it true that I did give second, third and many chances to you?

This is why, I mind catching feels for another. This is why, I avoid labels and commitments with others.

Wrong time, wrong word, wrong place, wrong circumstance and easily it could have been changed.

I just don’t know how.

I’ve never done this before, remember?

And if you go now, I’ll never do this. Never.

And if you stay now, and forgive

Then perhaps and maybe

I have been right to catch feels.

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