Crime Beyond 22 yards by Sourabh Mukherjee

readingabook-alignthoughtsCrime Beyond 22 Yards

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My Ratings: 3/5 stars

The book is provided by Arudhaa Club in exchange for a genuine review.

 47 pages
Published June 15th 2018 by Srishti Publishers

About this book:

During the summer of 2000, Delhi Police brought allegations of match-fixing against the South African skipper Hansie Cronje. Though he denied the allegations to start with, Cronje later went on to reveal shocking truths. The confessions of a bookie in India then went on to shake the foundations of valour and gallantry that the game of cricket stands for. Before long, the scandal spread its tentacles all over the world. Crime Beyond 22 Yardsis a fast-paced reality thriller that throws light on the biggest international scandal in the game of cricket, how heroes turned overnight into villains, and how there was tragic redemption at the end of this sordid saga. 

My Review:

My response after reading this book was same as its prequel. it looked like a compilation of articles instead of a book that came as a result of in-depth result of the match-fixing and other controversial incidents associated with the cricket world. The concept itself is interesting but not executed that well. And how much detail can one give in a 50-page book anyway? As a proper non-fiction book, this book failed to do its job and the narration was lacking intensity and depth. The whole book went by like me reading the headlines of major events that happened, with just the intro summing up what it was about. There was nothing mentioning what led up to that point or any emotions associated with it. The writing, though refined fails to make the reader connected. In the end, the only plus points that work in the favour of the book is the originality of idea, the book cover and the fact that it is short.


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