What the hell, Alex?

Yeah, so I disappeared for half a month. No stories, no letters, no book reviews. I haven’t been reading or writing so you must be wondering ‘What the hell, Alex? Where did you disappear off to?’

Um. Instead of telling you, I’ll show you. 

insta 1

Working on my insta alignments : Making my Insta look good: @letmegotomymindpalace

(BTW let’s connect over there) 🙂

Making my Shutterstock profile and actually using it


I don’t know why I got so much into visual arts lately. Don’t worry I’ll be coming back to my writing, reading and bookish things soon. And by soon I mean probably tomorrow.

Till then, last but not the least.

My Own YOUTUBE CHANNEL! (Where I try posting new and different content every day. So go show some support.)

See, if I do disappear for long, it’s probably because I AM doing something. So cheerios!


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