Love Beyond 22 Yards by Sourabh Mukherjee

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Ratings: 3/5 stars

The book is provided by Arudhaa Club in exchange for a genuine review.

About the Book:

Bollywood and Cricket, the two religions that unite Indians across the globe. When they come together, the attraction is magnetic. Through the years, heroes on the field have been bowled over by silver screen goddesses. Some of them broke conventions and defied societal norms. Love Beyond 22 Yards is a collection of immortal, true love stories between cricketers and Bollywood divas, who dared to fight against the world for their love.

My Review:

Love Beyond 22 yards shows the happily ever after and doomed in a while love stories of the much-loved cricketers. While the stories are interesting to read and fluffy enough to make you giddy inside, I wasn’t much impressed by the way of storytelling. The stories and information was just a basic compilation of the real stuff that could be discovered while surfing the net for a while. I think while the idea of writing the stories of these cricketers is an original and interesting one, the same cannot be said for the narration. It still requires a bit more research, some personal thoughts and deep insight. Otherwise, the book is just the sum of a couple interviews and news articles within a few pages.
The first story begins with known names of Sharmila Tagore and Pataudi, which people like me (who don’t really follow cricket) know about too. And as the stories continued one after the other, there were barely any names which I could recognize except for Azhar and that too, thanks to the movie. Yet, even in that story, they didn’t tell me something I didn’t know already. If an idea like this has to be executed, one must delve deeper and figure out things that aren’t really in the minds of public already. And if that isn’t possible, a personal outlook always adds another element which might intrigue the reader.
Despite some of the flows, the book works as a good light read and if a reader is an avid cricket fan, then maybe the experience would be different than mine.

About the Author:

Sourabh Mukherjee is the bestselling author of two psychological thriller novels ‘The Colours of Passion: Unravelling Dark Secrets behind the Limelight’ (Readomania, Aug 2017) and ‘In the Shadows of Death: A Detective Agni Mitra Thriller’ (Srishti, Dec 2015), as well as ‘Romance Shorts’ (2016), a collection of dark-romance short stories.


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