A Thousand and One Stories#23 Mountain Climber

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There was a girl who once started trying to climb a mountain for no reason other than the heck of it. She had slept in the shade of the tree and eaten its fruit for so long, she didn’t feel like leaving it. The grass patch was home to her.But every day she would see climbers climb up that hill and yell from the top. She heard the cheerful echoes.

But the tree was nice and good and safe. There was no reason to ever go away. Yet curiosity got the better of her. She walked near the mountain and at the bottom, some cheerful climbers. They convinced her to join along. As they started climbing, she sang a song. So beautiful, so sweet. The climbers were glad to meet a girl with such an amazing voice.

But as they kept climbing the song got old, yet it was the only one she had known. And she couldn’t stop singing anyway because to stop singing would mean she won’t be able to climb anymore either.

So one climber took off on his own. One climber plugged his earphones. There was just one climber left, still in awe of her voice and so he sang along and she smiled. But when they finally reached the top. The girl had nothing to yell. So she sang the song again and it echoed and rain fell.

All the climbers looked for shade. Even the nice one, went away. So she sat there on the edge, missing her homely grass patch. But she had already climbed so high. There was no point in going back now. So she took a step and took another and heard the nice climber yell ‘NOOO’

But the rain was falling hard and fast. The song she was singing wasn’t going to last. She took the final step and leapt off.

The tree heard the echoes this time. It wasn’t HER screams

It was mine.


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