A Thousand and One Stories #20 Dead parts of Soul

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There’s a theory I came up with a long time ago. It’s about all the different parts of us that wither and die.
What if sometimes when we feel too much hurt, a part of our soul actually dies and detaches itself to go find its place in the in-between. I know there’s a word for it, but I’ll just call it ‘the middle.’

So every time our heart breaks, and we think losing someone made a part of us die, that part actually goes in the middle and floats there endlessly. Thus the numbness. If it lived, it would feel, if it went to hell, it’d hurt. But the middle makes it so numb u don’t even feel it’s there.
So many times and so many instances make little pieces of us die and get stuck in the middle. And then we die way before our body dies.
Do you know what soulless monsters look like? I don’t fear/hate them. I feel bad for them and imagine then floating in the middle, all cold and loveless.
But then you give someone a part of you, and that part forever lives with them. Like when I share a smile with someone, I give them this tiniest sparkle of my soul hoping that it stays with them if only for a little while. And those parts that you willingly give, stop the numbing of the middle for a while.
But I don’t want to be all used up when I die, with nothing left if the soul to take. I want it vibrant and alive and so damn bright that when I die, the sparkles sprinkle over everyone i ever knew even the ones who broke my soul and sent it to the limbo.


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