A thousand and one stories #16 Prey

This is how communalism destroys.

The vultures don’t circle the same tree anymore.
It was about time they stopped invading the Bat’s territory. They used to look from afar before they dared to step on to one of the branches, casually making acquaintance with the tree that wasn’t theirs. Until more of them came seeing the initiative of other. The bats stayed asleep. What’s another bird in their midst? It’s a huge tree anyway. They’ll leave when they’re rested.

Things did go wrong. Vultures did fly along huge skies as away from the tree as they could. But not before losing the prey they had caught. It was not, one of the bats that stole it. It was a crow, hiding in their midst. As the vultures went to bring more food, the crow swooped down to eat the stolen food.
When the vultures returned to see their prey all gone, the fight ignited between the bats and them.
The peaceful bats slept till a vulture bit its wings. The whole group of bats fell upon him. The vulture bled to death. The others got afraid. The bats were huge in number. The crow just watched from a distance and stayed.
Every day the vultures would come back to the tree, they’d circle it till they killed two bats or perhaps three.
Yet as they started losing, some of their own, it was finally time to leave them alone.
But the crow was hungry and lazy among the bats. So it stole the Bat’s prey and threw the bones in vulture’s nest
Again they fought, getting killed on both sides. Again the crow waited until it was the right time.
A human on the ground came and saw the huge tree, rotting bodies of the birds around it. Thinking the tree was haunted, he burnt it to the ground. No one except the roasted crow was left around.


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