Letter to Mr No Labels#7 Welcome Back

Welcome back,

You’re telling me that’s all I had to do. Show you the last letter for you. Hear me say it right, ‘for you’ not ‘to you’. It could have been the last letter I showed you because I had given up hope of anything ever changing. But here, something flipped. And now you’re back again. I feel happy, so happy you won’t believe it. And it gives me hope for the eighty more letters to come. There are some I wrote in sadness and anger and one that I still think will never end. So many letters, so many thoughts, so many emotions. Do you feel me like I feel you?

Because when I can’t even breathe, I still write these letters for you.

And when I just had a breath of fresh air and it sounded something like your voice. You see, I never asked for something more than the phonecall that I just got. Randomly and all on your own. Because all I need to tell me that I still mean something to you is knowing that you think of me when I’m not around. Even that one thought that crosses your head when you’re among friends, is enough to tell me that perhaps you still feel that way for me.

Let’s see how long we can keep this up.

Adoration from a freak,



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