A Thousand and One Stories #13 Pizza Genocide

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I feel like I’m losing them both

Like a real personal loss

Like getting my insides scooped out.

Till there’s only half of it left

The half goes in the freezer and, we just lost Mr Chocochip and Miss M&M.

The ice cream thinks of how empty she feels, and lonely quite lonely though there are plenty of other Mr Chocochips and Miss M&Ms.

On her side is the half-eaten Oreo chocolate bar. What is it with this kid and half eating? Leaving the insides hanging, scratched out, aching and waiting to be devoured

The cold pizza is furious because it’s melted cheese is no longer melted, why order an eight-sliced pizza if he was gonna eat only six slices? The kid, such a brat

The cold drink has lost its gassy sting. It feels as low as normal water now. What’s the point of me now anyway?

And… isn’t that what we all ask ourselves at some point? What’s the point of me now anyway?

No one gave it an answer. I’ll give you an answer. The point is We’re not pencils. There isn’t supposed to be a point. The point is there is no point.

Just endless floating, losing our sting, freezing Our insides, hardening our melted heart, letting our body dangle through the mess of it all.


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