Letter to Mr No Labels #6 Coward

Dear Coward,
Take a stand.
Well, I’m done being sappy. I think anger is the next step. Your forceful attempts at reconciliation, your asking me ‘How are you?‘, your mouth but not your words. My heart skipped a beat when I saw your name on caller ID. How goddamn stupid of me to think you actually missed me. I didn’t smile even once throughout the conversation because I could see it wasn’t your intention.
You are such a coward. You lack a spine.
Now I’m cursing myself for trying to make you mine.
I was in love with you. Perhaps I still am.
I felt the guilt, the sadness, the lonely when you were gone. But now I’m angry at your stupid attempt to come back. When you had to be TOLD to not mess US up bad. I’m sorry but it really makes me upset.
I miss you still.
But I won’t have you like that.
Lacking the smile, not making an effort, against your wish.
I’m nobody’s second option, nobody’s consolation.
I still am unable to say the final goodbye. You should be the one apologising. You really fucked up my head.


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