Letter to a Myself #2 A broken Heart

Dear Broken Heart, 

Let it out, would you?
Let out the scream that you dream about. The thoughts that churn inside you, bring them into existence. It will bring fulfilment and closure and a backdoor entry for a tiny bit of calm.
There’s a name that resonates in you and isn’t it so hard to forget it?
But forget it you must and go ahead, live again, fall in love again, trust again, breathe again and don’t make the same mistakes.
There’s so much hurt and pain, even our existence is in vain and still you, still, you want him?
There’s so much more in the world, ideas that make your pace fast, sensations that jolt you awake and still there’s that name, faded but there.
I saw a broken wing, a dead dog, a hurtful thing but nothing ever compares with the nothingness. At least you know you exist if you’re hurting good. I don’t even know what we’re living for.
So Cheers Darlin, here’s to the both of us.
You with a purpose unachieved, an emotion left unveiled, a person you need and an unforgiving deed.
I with my soul bared, unfiltered thoughts in my head, no worries about the path that led to these possibilities.
There’s a scent you still crave, there’s an answer I still want. There’s a barrier, sharp like a sword between my ideas and your truth.
But in the end, I’m still standing and haven’t splattered blood.
You’re still laughing so you aren’t a coward.
But we’re both waiting, endlessly waiting for the misery of existence to end.
There are more words in my head, for a thousand letters I’ll never send.
And you still play the strings, pump up the beat, slow down the feel and say, ‘Still I want him.’


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