A thousand and one stories #6 Temptation

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‘Have you ever seen another girl naked before?’ she asked.

The answer was yes but she shook her head because SHE wasn’t just another girl.

She was Temptation personified. No matter how much Innocence tried to keep her attention focused on the purple coloured wall before her, she couldn’t help but sneak a peek at Temptation’s waistline that became visible when she stretched her arms or bent down to untie her laces.

Innocence lied down on the bed with her legs dangling off one side and her face staring at the ceiling. But temptation had some mischief going on in her mind.

She took off the tee she had been wearing and slowly climbed on the big white comfy bed, her knees leaving impressions on it.

Innocence was still staring at the ceiling when suddenly, Temptation’s face overshadowed hers. She was sitting with her arms on either side of innocence and her face as such that the only thing Innocence could see with her open eyes was a view of Temptation’s lips

Innocence lost a heartbeat when she tried to get up and her hand brushed Temptation’s skin, right beneath her breasts. As temptation took a deep breath,

At the same time, Adonis entered the room with nothing on but a towel around his waist. “Ah, you’re back at it, I see,” said Adonis to Temptation. Innocence felt as if ice water dropped all over her. But Temptation didn’t move from the way she was sitting on all fours, her hips in the air. Innocence was a bit shyer and blushed all over, seeing Adonis that way, and hearing the words he had just used. She knew what Temptation and she shared wasn’t exclusive but didn’t need a reminder. Moreover, she was sitting there in nothing more than her shorts with pictures of puppies all over it and a crop top that left her midriff bare. This was what she felt most casual and comfortable in while she was at home and she had that comfort level with Temptation. She could let her see her in that way.

Adonis, however,  came as a combo pack with Temptation. The twins never went anywhere without the other. And thus, when temptation moved in with Innocence, Adonis had taken it as an open invitation too. While it did mean an open invasion of privacy for her, neither of the twins seemed to mind and so she had tried to get used to it as well. But moments like this when Temptation and she were just about to share an intimate moment, and Adonis walked in half-naked, looking all perfect with water droplets shining on his skin, creating all these confusing feelings inside Innocence’s stomach, she could do nothing but blush all over while staring at her own hands.

“Do you like Adonis?” asked Temptation with a wicked smile.

Innocence couldn’t say a word. What could she say to her girlfriend without labels?

“Hey, Adonis come over here!” she called out to her brother before he could leave the room. And he obliged walking near the bed without a hint of awkwardness

“What do you think about innocence?” she asked.

And he looked her all over, pausing for an extra few seconds at her waist and her breasts. Innocence bit her lips, feeling as if she was under examination. If her cheeks weren’t already red enough, they were all heated up now. But they were the only thing heated.

“I’d fuck the shyness out of her in two days if you let me,” he said

And Innocence looked at him with her mouth agape. He took it as an invitation and kissed her hard, slipping his tongue in her mouth. While Temptation ran her hands all over Innocence’s body, making her feel more aroused.

“Feel Better now?”

She whispered in Innocence’s ears and then bit it playfully. While Adonis helped her take off her tee and shorts.

And then climbed on top.

“Hey, she’s still mine first,’ said Temptation.

And so with a light kiss on her neck, Adonis moved away, his towel falling off in the meanwhile. “You have been working out fine, brother,” said Temptation taking his place now and kissing Innocence from her shoulder to between her breasts, going down till she finally reached the spot. Innocence was holding on to the bedsheet as if it was the only thing helping her from falling apart. Each part of her skin had a new sensation and she couldn’t even understand the mess that was going on inside her.

How the mighty had fallen. She, who had taken the vow of celibacy till marriage was now letting her body be explored by two strangers, and siblings on top of it all.

But at that time, she wasn’t thinking.

She couldn’t think. She was feeling everything and in extremes.

Adonis stood at the edge of the bed watching her sister work the magic. The expressions on Innocence’s face and the way her body arched with every touch was quite arousing for him. And so he waited and watched, till it was finally his turn.

Innocence was breathing hard. She had just been thoroughly ravaged by Temptation. They had done this even before but there was a new intensity to it now because of Adonis’ presence.

So when it was finally his turn, she felt more scared than excited.

It was just the look in his eye and the way he just did impulsive things without a second thought. If Temptation was the devil, Adonis was hell itself.

The touch he had was lighter than Temptation’s but when he gripped her waist or pulled her hair, she felt the trenches of pain.

He was so gentle at times making her feel as if she was being caressed by a feather and at times, as rough as if she was being ravaged by wolves.

Temptation couldn’t help but touch herself, seeing them together. Her moans got mixed in with his growls and Innocence’s screams.

By the time he was done, she was sweating all over, had red marks and bruises on her skin. Temptation’s skin was flushed and she lay on the bean bag, with a smirk on her face.

And Adonis couldn’t be more pleased with himself as he rested his head on Innocence’s stomach. His arm stretched up and caressing her thigh even still.

Innocence was not gonna get a moment of normality as long as the twins were around. She smiled at the thought.


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