A Thousand and One Stories #5 Hit Me

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Meet the person who inspired these Vardhan Chronicles @SidharthVardhan


‘Hit me.’

She hadn’t really expected an actual punch in the gut while in the heat of the moment, the words had flown out of her mouth. She usually liked being all Macho and saying stuff that made her look strong. No one ever took it seriously and she ended up looking like the fairer end of the two. But He was different, unafraid to say or do things. And there was only one rule he followed. Never ever hold back.

So when he saw the tiny little firecracker being all jumpy and edgy yelling and looking all sharp, saying words she didn’t mean, acting unafraid while trembling inside, he did what he did best. He didn’t hold back.

It was two months since that incident and now she was over there in his bed, curled up and asleep. She shivered when he traced a finger between her shoulder blades along her spine.

An unfinished story… but a story nonetheless. 

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