A Thousand and One Stories #4 The Sunset

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I like you When you’re not being such an incessant asshole that it strikes my mind to tie you up, beat you down, mess you up and..

Oh, look, the sunset!

And there goes the chain of thought again. She tries to think up the words again. What would she say to him when she sees him?

It’s so annoying, everything that has been happening. The confusion, the conflict, the avoidance, the arguments.

Is that a bird perched on that branch? So tiny!

“Are you lost again?”

She turns around and sees him standing there on the balcony edge. When did he arrive? She couldn’t tell. She got lost looking firstly at the branch, then the tree, the bird upon it, the cemented buildings all around and how the hues of the sunset painted them orange. And she had been stretching her fingers as if thinking with her hands because her mind went blank when she looked.. really looked but there was so much to express even still and so her body moved when her thoughts couldn’t.

She doesn’t ask him how long he had been standing there. She didn’t want to spoil the moment. And moreover, the second she would start speaking, it would be a string of thought after another and would just lead to one of them jumping off the balcony in frustration so she kept quiet and turned around to look back at the sunset again. She didn’t notice when he moved closer. He was in his own space at the time, humming a tune in his head while she was looking at things through a painter’s eyes. The sun had almost left the sky, leaving behind a trail of light and colours. She wondered if there was a colour beautiful enough to capture it on canvas. One could always try.

But they were in their own heads. Together, but alone at the time, sharing a long silence which would’ve been tense if the breeze wasn’t so soothing or the sky wasn’t so blue.

“Hey”, she whispered

And was surprised to notice how unfamiliar her own voice sounded after a long silence.

“Hey”, he said back.

And thought of how you don’t need a melody or a lot of words to share how you’re feeling.

They stayed there… wondering, who would be the one initiating the final conversation that would end it all.

Who would start counting down all the downs, crying over the lost moments of joy, saying they just couldn’t take it anymore? Who would be it?

They were both hesitant at the point, holding back words that their heart couldn’t hold any longer. But they both avoided saying it or looking at each other because the evening sky was way more beautiful than their bond now.

And that was just tragic.

Her feet had started hurting now from standing in that same place for so long and so she stood on her tiptoes to stretch them, holding the railings on the balcony for balance.

When she had this sudden urge to just jump. How easy would it be…

But as if on instinct, his hand came around her waist, hoping to stop her from falling off balance, not knowing that the stretch was intentional. And there it was, that moment again…

Another lost silence.

A final gesture of care.

He let his arms fall back to his side and she let her feet back on the ground. Neither of them said a word. They just couldn’t. But both of them knew in their bones what they were trying so hard to avoid bringing into words.

It was the final goodbye, the sunset of their lives together.

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