A Thousand and One Stories #3 Liar

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Ten days, it has been since I last thought a thought. Yes, I’m lying. Clearly, since thinking that I haven’t thought anything is also a thought but where do the lies end and truth begin when the whole world or as much as it exists for you is all in your head. Is it a lie if you don’t speak it out loud and just think it? Is it a lie if you don’t think a thing and just say it out loud into the nothingness. Does a lie need a recipient for it to be a lie?

You can joke your way past truth but you can’t cry your way out of lies. You can put your hand on someone’s head or your thought inside someone’s head but you can’t know for sure if whatever comes after is what you desire.




I heard it clear, I heard it loud and louder and louder but like I already told you, I haven’t had a thought in the past 10 days so I heard it..but it didn’t make its way past it. My mind was still untouched by the foul hands of those screamers who tried tearing down my walls. Oh, they’re cemented harsh and tight. There’s no space even for light. And I click the perfect shot.

But that’s a lie too because the perfect shot will never be clicked and for that let us thank God.

Oh, Lord! Grant us mercy from cheaters and liars and give us the strength to look inside us even when we see both.

I’m shaken awake by the cold wind blowing, I fell asleep with my head leaning on the glass window and the camera in my lap. Who opened the car window on the other side? I look across and see another liar but I don’t say a word. I don’t think a thing. I’m staring past the liar’s face. I’m looking out the window. The wind is still hitting my face like it’s trying to take revenge on me for breathing it in all my life.

I swear I’m not lying.

You always say that

You never believe me

A liar knows when he sees another liar.

If a liar gets recognised, he’s not a good liar.

I write down the lines on my phone. But I’m not thinking them. I’m just writing them. My mind is blank. Haven’t had a thought for 10 days, I look at the clock, and 14 hours. Good record. I type that too. Better than thinking it.

These lines, these words are just coming to me and I don’t believe a single word of them. I pick the camera again and try clicking a shot. It gets blurred, I delete it

I click the liar’s face. It’s blurred too. Like the words out of his mouth and the sincerity of his eyes. It fits, I guess. Liars with their blurry masks, so you can see some of their faces but not all of it.

In plain view, but hiding.

I don’t delete it.

I look out the window again, on my side this time. The glass is up, the wind is tired of its revenge and is back to playing with my hair, thanking me for all the carbon dioxide I blew its way.

While I look at the tree, all naked and dried up, I catch a look of myself in the glass and see…a blurry image.

And the record breaks.

10 days 14 hours 7 mins

And I finally have my first thought.

I turn around to look at the liar’s face. He’s humming and smiling now and driving as if he never wants to stop. Not for long though, I think as I speak my first truth.

I’m Hungry.

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