A thousand and one stories#1 Cold Coffee

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Meet the person who inspired these Vardhan Chronicles @SidharthVardhan


Note to reader: A random collection of on-the-spot stories written in texts to Awesome Sidharth Vardhan  (I was asked to Use the prefix). 

And he had to sing that. The only song she hated. For she was a lover of music and rarely if ever, hated a song. But meeting after 5 years with the guitar in his hands and a spark in his eyes, he sat in that cafe and sang her most hated song.

With a smile on his lips, the smile that teased and said, “Yes, these words are for you, my beloved. Hate them and know them to be true.” She left her half drunk cold coffee and walked out with the guy she was with. He was a treat for the eyes.

Like she repeated to her friends often, I like my coffee cold and my men hot.’

The guy didn’t even care about leaving abruptly. Because for all he cared, they were in the backseat of his car with her hands all over him and vice versa

Then they fucked. The end.

Well, she thought it would be the end of it

Until she saw him walk out of that cafe and even though there was another guy, hotter than the guitar guy ever could be, on top of her, she felt nothing.

So she asked him to stop. Put on her clothes again, with little difficulty and asked him to start driving

Throughout the ride, she wouldn’t let him play any music. Stared daggers at him if he tried.

She had been mumbling out a string of cuss words. Until..he finally asked her a question that stunned her to silence.

Where are we going by the way?


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