Letter to Mr No Labels#3 Pineapple ice cream

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How come you’re the only person who likes my hair tied up? Yeah, this is another letter to you because I just can’t seem to stay away no matter what I make up my mind regarding. And how can I? When you wake up at 4 am just because I am unable to sleep.
When you give me the space because you think you’re getting too serious. And tell me ‘I don’t wanna be your lover. I just want to remain a freak for you.’
Do you know how adorable that is? I get high just looking at your face and when I’m already high. Well then, there’s just you I want to talk to. Because you’re the only one who gets it.
I can’t understand how people can want relationships. And I tell you straight away that it isn’t something for me. And I say it to your face that I’m numb and feel nothing.
For me my alone time is like a kid craving vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup. Just can’t resist it. But sometimes you do come across kids that are lactose intolerant. And I do allow people to invade that alone time.
But you’re just like pineapple icecream. I love pineapple and ice cream too. But never had it together. And yet you present yourself like, I’m all you want and more. Just take me, taste me. You will never go back to vanilla again.
And on certain nights I almost pick up a spoon and on certain days I feel diabetic. And sometimes I just want spice and no sugar. But always, do I want to see that smile that just says. I don’t care if you don’t like me. I like you and that’s all that counts.
And it still hurts when you don’t believe the stuff I tell you. Because I never say stuff I don’t mean. And yet when you ask me to speak the truth, doubting, not my word, but yourself. It really annoys me.
Because you’re pineapple icecream. Of course I’m curious.
And you do sweet things like try to wake me up in morning when you know I’ll never wake up and my alarm does a better job anyway.
And I just hate mornings except the ones when I do realise you’re calling. And I wake up, listening to your voice, thinking that maybe today won’t be too bad.
And I am just so giddy today even though I haven’t heard from you. Because even though I fell asleep after waking you up, you still tried to wake me up in the morning.
And I just saw a dog with a collar run in a funny way. It was all on its own enjoying the morning. And I thought to myself, it’s a good day.
Why couldn’t you just have been chocolate chip cookies? I could take one and then not want it anymore.
You could’ve also been the non-fat jelly. I wouldn’t look at you twice.
But you had to go and be the pineapple ice cream.
My hair is tied up today and I’m listening to the same song over and over again. And I can’t tell you..at all..how much I miss how we used to be. I think I don’t want vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup anymore. I got tired of it.
Can I just have one spoon?


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