Letter for a Stranger #2 Mr Nucleya T-Shirt 

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Dear Mr Nucleya T-Shirt,

How about we fuck this shit? It’s been a wonderful day, an okay afternoon, a terrible evening and a horrible night for me. And you kinda look like you’re tired of all the hassle and fuss too while all you wish to do is sleep.

It’s weird how I find such common things with people who are complete strangers. I saw many people today, many men I didn’t even look at twice but your Nucleya Tee had me intrigued. I waited for a chance to start a conversation. I’m not too good at it but I saw a chance and I tried. Like I try all the time, with everything. Isn’t that all we can do? Make an effort & then hope things fall into place.

Like they did when I finally found a seat next to you. But sometimes the efforts fail too. Like my conversation started did.

Guess it was stupid or you were tired or it just wasn’t good timing. This journey would’ve gone much smoother with someone to talk to and I had hoped that would be you. It, unfortunately, wasn’t.

Universe has been hating me today. I’ve been feeling low since morning, even in the best situations. Maybe it is the thoughts of going back and having to deal with all the shit I left behind.

Can’t run for too long, apparently.

Well, enjoy your sleep. The moment is lost now and so are you to me.

The Check-Shirt next to you.


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