Letter to a Stranger #20 Metaphorical rant

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Dear Mr No Labels,

You fit into my life like the ring on my finger. I was not in the habit of wearing rings but I did occasionally stop to admire them until one day I found the ring I was so comfortable wearing. It became the sole attraction of my hand and for weeks I wore it everywhere. I swore to myself I wouldn’t take it off, ever. Until somehow, with a misfortune, I lost it. Days spent pining over its loss, I convinced myself to never wear a ring again. But I did still occasionally stop to admire them still, trying them out and then removing right after. But one day I found a ring, or maybe it found me. It fit into my thumb just right. It became a part of my identity in less than a day. And I don’t know what it was about the ring but I couldn’t take it off and leave it behind like I did so many others. Maybe it was that it was so much like the first ring, but in a different shade. I wear that ring even now. Sometimes for days straight, sometimes only when I’m heading somewhere and sometimes I leave it behind for days. I shift it into different fingers quite like I shift you into different positions. That’s the ease with no labels. You fit in right everywhere. But when I wear the ring for days at end, and then take it off, there’s this looming absence it leaves behind. That it IS there, only, not really. It is kind of the same with you. Your absence is like the ghost of that ring on my finger. I keep getting mistaken that you’re right here but then days go without me wearing the ring and I don’t feel the absence anymore. At that point, I ask myself, should I keep wearing the ring?

What does circumstance demand? But no amount of thinking does any good when I walk out of my house, mindlessly picking up the ring and slipping it on my finger, half out of habit, half because of my subconscious. Quite like when I overthink about you in my letters or when someone points out the flaws in what we are to each other. And I keep thinking of the ring I lost and I keep convincing myself that I’m not too attached to this ring. But all that goes down the drain when I’m wearing it or when you’re with me. Even after days of not meeting, it is quite easy to pick up right where we left off and for it to feel the same. Just like the ring I don’t notice until I’m shifting it to another finger. I don’t notice your presence, you are just right there. it feels so normal like you’ve always been here. I do notice your absence though. But it doesn’t take long to get out of habit.

You fit into my life exactly like the ring on my finger, something you probably haven’t paid attention to. It’s funny how much you notice me but are clueless about yourself and what you mean to me.

I don’t know why I’m writing this letter or where it is heading so I’ll stop right here.

Roboskehskeh roboskehskeh


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