Letter to a Stalker #2 Thank you for your mail. 

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Mr Sadist, 

Thank you for your mail. Thank you for your confessions and your urges and love (in whatever twisted way it comes in). If I was the me before I met Mr. No-labels, I’d have considered your proposals and probably tried twisting and negotiating it my way but there still would have been scope for something… Anything. But now I like myself better and like you pointed out more than once, I deserve better. And I’m nice. There’s no two ways about it. I’d still offer you my friendship but I’m also selfish and you kill my vibe. Talking to you used to be interesting. I was curious, intrigued but your personality or actually the persona you wear, not the real you. It started overshadowing that curiosity with boredom. It was so obvious avoidance of question, sexist jokes in place of awkward silence and the worst of them all, your fake self- importance. I could see through it which is why it bored me to great extent. And I can handle hatred, pain, annoyance but I can’t deal with boredom.
When you asked me to block you with your one-shot personality, I didn’t even have to think twice.

But then you found a way to give me a letter and fuck it, it was something cool. Back to square one, curious again. And yet it showed so loudly, your fake persona, it killed the vibe the real you was creating. So I did block you again with one second thought. And now here we are and I might have just believed your letter as honest if I didn’t think it was another one of your manipulative tricks. So here I go, giving you a huge reply. Don’t think too much on it. I don’t think about you. This was just something to do. Sorry, but not sorry. I can’t accept or offer you anything as long as you keep the charade up. Let’s go back to the basics. Truth or nothing else. Do you want to be my friend? Will you stop with the fake persona? The real question is…. can you? If so, do it like the real you. Ask me to unblock you, cause that’s what you want. Not for some reason like helping me out. And most of all, answer me this. Have you written a letter to someone else before? Don’t know if you’ll get this or you unfollowed me. But I have faith in you, stalker.

White swan angel.


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