Letter to a Stranger#17 My sanctuary

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Dear safe place,

Between all the letters I wrote for you, it was the first one that meant the most to me. Because it was written with no expectations, no boundaries, no follow-up on promises. Everything that followed it seems like a failed attempt to either get your attention or get my own attention back to you.

The perfect letter will never be written. But I keep sending words out into the void hoping that one fine day, one weird sentence might jump into your bones and make you realise that there are a thousand letters written every day in the world, most of which go unanswered. But there will be a hundred unanswered letters accounted to your name before the world ends. 

Does it make you feel something, anything at all?

A word is nothing without a face behind it and a feeling to give it some worth.





It all exists in theory until one day, you see a person, and then that word becomes your thought, it becomes your life.

There’s no escaping it. I can’t unwrite a single letter that I wrote which is why it is better to have them out on display for the world to see.

You are also out for the world to see. How easier would it be if we could escape it all and find a cabin in the woods, far away from the existence of anyone?

Among a million other faces, if we were a thousand miles apart and started walking, it might take years but I think we’d find our way back to each other.

Maybe it is the music making me feel invincible. Maybe it’s the year ending, and with it, my insecurities.

But one thing won’t end for sure.
My promise.

Whether it is a new year or a new world, I’ll write you these letters. Whether we stay together or fall apart, my words will carve out your smile in a string of alphabets, everytime I pick up a pen.

When I daydream and my mind leaves my body to hide somewhere else, it’ll be beneath your arm that it’ll come to rest. My words have always been my sanctuary. Now you’re giving THEM someplace to stay.

Please stay.


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