Letter to stranger #5 The one I never noticed

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Dear Stranger, I never noticed

I’m going to write you a letter, one day before the world ends. And I will look into your eyes, hoping to see the surprise as you carefully grasp each word of what I would be meaning to say.

I’ll write you a hundred letters during the time we are together and maybe a thousand more when we are apart but once I’ve lived my life and you’ve lived yours and the earth is tired of unsaid words and long silences disappearing amidst noise, I will find you again, before the world ends for you or for me and then I’ll show you that last letter and I’ll bare my soul, pour down every unfiltered thought in it, put my head on your shoulder as you read and I will watch the last sunset through your eyes and you’ll feel the last wind blow with my words in your head and my feelings resonating in your heartbeat. 

And I promise, though you know I rarely ever do, but I promise, it will be beautiful. The world ending is what it would take for our new beginning. I hope you are ready for that, I hope you can wait that long.

But if you don’t, I’ll still find you as the world ends. I’ll still give you the letter and also the hundreds & thousands that came before it. I’ll still lean on your shoulder for one last time. And it WILL be beautiful. If only for one of us.


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