I’m growing Old

Yeah, another year passed by. From Yippeee I’m turning 18 to today.. Fuck, where’d the year go?

I know it’s too soon to worry about the creaking joints and all but the whole trap of adulthood is falling on me.

I’m 3% excited, 80% indifferent and 7% nostalgic. But well, the world makes up for it when for the first time your crush texts you first (if only to wish happy birthday) and you complete one year anniversary with one special friend.

Our conversation was just deep man. I really effing appreciate you being in my life. Thanks.

Another thanks and I’m sorry to the people I avoided because I was listening to good music on the radio. I chose music over you.. It’ll always be like that but if you stick with me even after all that, well then I guess you really are good friends.

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