Am I done with YA?

If you’ve noticed, I’m going through what you might call a Murakami Phase. I recently finished my fifth Murakami novel so far and my current read is also a book by Murakami namely ‘After the quake’. You might also notice the recent drop in my YA reading. Somehow, I am unable to go back to reading YA after tackling a few great classics and of course Murakami who for me is the perfect blend of Classic and YA or if I dare say it, he has a genre of his own.

I don’t know if I would ever go back to reading YA like I used to. Even the continuations of books I already adore haven’t captured my attention enough to drag me back to the YA world. Our dark Duet and A conjuring of light  are still unread though I loved the previous books. I did try reading a couple pages and though I found it to be interesting, my mind kept wandering.

My TBR is still jampacked with such great YA suggestions like The Hate you give, Morning star, Kingkiller chronicles etc.

I even tried reading Tarryn fisher because she is the one who brings me out of reading slump but this time, even she couldn’t help. And I disliked Atheists who kneel and pray.

So I am thinking, is this it for YA novels for me?

And if its not, which GREAT YA book would you suggest to lure me back?


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4 thoughts on “Am I done with YA?

  1. itsareaderslife says:

    The Hate U Give is a great YA novel that may interest you again. I liked the blend of YA and politics, especially with the current situation in America 🙂

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