Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

tumblr_n6hno2qIxr1sfxmouo1_500Jude the Obscure

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Genre: Classic, Fiction, Literature

My Ratings: 4/5 stars

310 pages
Published December 1st 2006 by Dover Publications

About this book:

In 1895 Hardy’s final novel, the great tale of Jude The Obscure, sent shockwaves of indignation rolling across Victorian England. Hardy had dared to write frankly about sexuality and to indict the institutions of marriage, education, and religion. But he had, in fact, created a deeply moral work. The stonemason Jude Fawley is a dreamer; his is a tragedy of unfulfilled aims. With his tantalizing cousin Sue Bridehead, the last and most extraordinary of Hardy’s heroines, Jude takes on the world and discovers, tragically, its brutal indifference. 

My review:

If you think your life is a shitshow, read Jude the obscure and you’ll feel better about yourself. I have never read a more depressing book or seen a man get more knocked over by life like our poor little Jude. All he wanted was to advance in life but (a) social status is something you can’t easily break out of, (b) teenage hormones got in the way of his goal and he got screwed badly (it all started with a pig’s penis, I kid you not.) (c) Sometimes things just don’t work out and sometimes life shoves it in your face that you are doomed.
No kidding.
Not even one good thing happened to him. And just as something was about to, BAM, another misfortune. Yeah, Jude is kind of an obscure character but also a relatable one. I was amazed to read the stuff Hardy wrote about during THAT period. It still strikes true today.

“But no one came. Because no one ever does.”

His thoughts about the institution of marriage and how it just ruins you, I second that.
The portrayal of Sue’s character and how hard it is for a woman to maintain her position in society while pursuing an academic career, I understand that.
All the depressing things that make you wonder “What is left to live on for?”, I have thought that.
Though sometimes I hated Sue for her fickle nature and while she put on a brave outlook and strong willpower at first, soon she succumbed to societal pressure, and that made me think of her as weak. But then I started to ponder over her obscure mysterious character and the complexities of her life. that made me more forgiving.
Jude, on the other hand, was the real victim. Stuck in the work of stone masonry that he hated but the only thing he knew how to do, and unable to achieve the one goal in his mind, he was just like any other man, frustrated by the world. Then a girl entraps her with a lie and they’re both stuck in a loveless marriage that only brings misery. Even after the separation, things JUST WOULDN’T GO RIGHT for Jude.
It just got worse towards the end, with the suicides, the illness, the miscarriage. Forget the light at the end of the tunnel, there was no tunnel, to begin with, just a dark abyss and he lost in it, stumbling and waiting for some light to come.



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