Look what I found

Have you ever wished that there was one platform for all bookish updates and news? I found one. The website keeps me updated about authors, new book releases, book reviews and publishing insight in a very entertaining way. And it is called … drumroll please


Word Pinnacle!


Yep, nice name, right? And it fits too. So now you are wondering, what’s so special about this place and why am I so excited about sharing it. Let me start from the beginning. I found this website on Facebook during a giveaway, an amazing giveaway. Then I got curious about them. And this is what I found.


So it is started by two guys Pranav Shree and Satmeet Singh. And it is just the perfect place for bookworms to speak their mind and everyone knows there is an aspiring writer in every reader, so they also help you with writing skills and there are competitions, which are exciting and fun. The best thing that I like about Word pinnacle is the transparency. If you read a good review about a book on the site, it probably IS good. Because those reviews come from readers like us and they are thoroughly analytical. So you can pick which book works for you.


I have found so many platforms where people just write fake good reviews and cheat the readers into buying something that’s not even worth their time. And that is why I like the transparency that this site brings. Actual professional reviewers talk about all aspects of a book adding their own opinions.


Lately, their book “Pocket Culture” has been raving in the market and they do publish books, in case anyone has a manuscript lying around. Self-publishing is so time consuming and you need to do a lot of hard work and as for traditional publishing houses, that is a lucky shot. So this gives you the perfect opportunity.


One of the other main things that Word Pinnacle helps out with is internet marketing and trust me this is the best option for marketing you can choose because their page views are flying and they have a huge audience. They can really make a book discoverable among readers. If you think of promotion, this should be the platform that comes to mind.


I started working with them just lately, since I love discussing books and I  wanted to be a part of something amazing like that. I share book reviews and my own bookish knowledge with them and they are so much fun to work with. I adore how they don’t pressurize you with anything and don’t ask you to edit out the things that you feel strongly about.


If I don’t like something, I can just say it out loud and there’s no barrier or uncomfortable feelings. Plus, did I mention about their store for bookish merchandise? They have adorable stuff there! And I have a weakness for bookish goodies.


If you want to check them out, go to the link, here.

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