Letter to someone #6

What began as a means to stay in touch with my friends has turned into so much more. Like a confessional. So here’s one to someone very special to me.

To the girl I saved and who saved me too.

I’m sorry I’m not there. I wish I was, if only to tell you that your birthday IS special. And something to celebrate. That you DESERVE happiness and much more than the world could lffer you or  I could offer you.

When you divulged to me your secrets, all the horrible details of your past. I felt so saddened on your behalf but proud that you survived and trusted me with that secret.

Knowing that someone could trust me that much really changed me. I helped you get used to the darkness and you helped me fight mine.

I thank you my dearest friend and apologies that it was all I could give you- My friendship, while you offered so much more.

Happy Birthday girl!

May the world give you sunshines and rainbows now, for you’ve already suffered enough.

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