Letter to someone #5

To my mind twin.

You probably will never see this. Again, why do you never read my blog?

When I first met you back in highschool, all drenched in rain looking for someone to lean on, you pushed me away. And that’s when I saw you. Your face had such resemblance to my annoying little sister that I just couldn’t resist annoying you a little too.

Well, like all others, you hated my annoyance, then accepted it, and now relish in it. You’re welcome.

I remember how we sang! Or I sang, with my shitty voice and we loudly sang all cheap bollywood songs. I even sang JB for you even though I hated his music. But you liked it and I was in desperate need of a friend.

Changing schools had been hard for me. All my friends were left behind and I didn’t want to turn into a loner again. Like I was before. So I tried so hard, to make people like me. I did meet a friend but we didn’t click like You and I did.

This was meant to be. 4 years later.

It’s still the same.

We still sing now together, just better songs. I’m still just as weird, but now you are too.

The pair of us, what mischief we made. Always talking and laughing and singing. Always loud. People got so irritated, seeing us together living life so freely.

I don’t think I would be like that with anyone except you.

So thank you for being there. 🙂

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