Letter to someone #4

To the one who got away.

Do you know, do you have ANY idea how awesome we could have been? With my wits and sass and your wisdom and brains, the pair of us would be an unstoppable force.

But maybe you didn’t like me enough or just didn’t know what to do.

And maybe I just gave up too soon and showed no real effort.

But just imagine, in a perfect world, we would be best friends. You and me against the world. Do you know I didn’t want anyone’s friendship as bad as I have wanted yours?

But Alas! It just didn’t work out. And now we’re just acquaintances. Ones not likely to meet again.

And apologies that I became indifferent after a while but wishful thinking never did anyone any good.

So sleep stranger, not knowing that you could have a loyal and badass friend in me.

And I’ll sleep, knowing, that I finally said all I needed.

Final Goodbye.

The girl you never noticed. 🙂

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