Letter to someone #3

I saw you. We’re still friends.

To my third best friend.

I can see you rolling your eyes at that but come on.. I’m honest!

I like you like a thirsty crow likes water in a Sandy desert. Laugh, idiot. :p

You might not believe it since you think so low of yourself but I do miss you. And no, it is not creepy when I say it.

I know that I’m writing this before I leave but I know what my future self will be thinking and feeling so know thay when I say, ‘I do wish to talk to you’, I’m not lying.

I hope you read some of the books I suggested or atleast did something productive. You brood too much. Without me, you would fall apart.

Kidding! I’m joking. I’m not that awesome.

And you’re strong. You might not believe in yourself but I do. I believe in you.

You became a safe haven for me ya know? Just someone I could talk to and share everything with. This year brought too many new friends, good friends. But there’s only one you. And I’m glad we met. ( No, don’t think on the technicalities).

Right now, I’d be eating great food, reading and listening to good music. Life would be perfect. But there would be no one to talk too. And in those lonely moments I know I’ll feek weak.

I’ll crave for companionship. You made me that way. Just pulled me out of the isolation and made me habitual of ‘sharing’.

But this time, I’ll practice self control. Like I always did before I met you. I hope I succeed. I hope I don’t.

It felt so easy, leaving everything behind, burdening you with all my shit, trusting you with my responsibility. I’m a shitty friend ain’t I?

I’ll make it up to you.


The one you’ll never meet ( and so we won’t drift away)

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