Karma by Kevin Missal


My Rating: 2.5 stars

Genre: Thriller, Horror

Publisher Kalamos Literary services- InstaRead

About this Book:

Karman Malik a lonely man finds his wife standing outside his house.

But there are two problems.

One, she had died eight years back.

Second, she is not human anymore.

Can he love her again?


‘Karma’ isn’t short enough to be a short story or long enough to be a novella. it isn’t completely horror or full psychological thriller. It borders on the edges, never quite becoming one or the other but it is fine because categorizing just builds boundaries. This is a story of a man whose wife dies (no, that’s no spoiler) but eight years later, there she is, standing right in front of him but some things have changed. 

So now does everything goes on like before? Or will here be consequences to face?

I found Karman’s character to be an average relatable one and this whole story felt like a tribute to the movie Psycho with its own supernatural take on it. I liked how at the beginning of the story I went in with no preconceived notions of what I will get. Yeah, the cover tells you the basic but I liked how the story just went with a good flow between horror, and the police with their little roles in it. I just think there was too little of it and it could have done better with a little build off.

The ending did surprise me a teensy tiny bit and then the ambiguous way in which the story leaves you wandering in your own thoughts is also well-done.

But me, personally? I don’t like loose ends.   


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