Letter to someone #2

YEAHHH!! I love wordpress’ scheduling option cz now I can wish you. So this letter is dedicated to you:

The greatest gal pal one could ask for.

Even when we didn’t talk much or lost touch or just didn’t really indulge in a private conversation, I could still feel that bond of friendship and it was as strong as with anyone.

You are an amazing person. Even when I talk to you about my minor problems or victories and defeats, I see your real empathy and enthusiasm which makes me feel so lucky to have you as a friend.

The day I found out about that Lehnga story, I knew you were a badass. I knew I admired you. Because you DESERVE to chose yourself above all others. And the fact that you did it shows how gutsy you are.

Damn girl! You are fire. Bless the day you were born on this earth. The world needs more people like you.


( I wish I was there to really wish you and have a conversation and all that shebang but ahh.. Settle for this. )

You are incredible. Stay that way.

One thought on “Letter to someone #2

  1. MisSim says:

    Hey! U thr… Now tht u r gone… I can definitely understand the pain of old tyms widout phn… Should i write a letter… Nd find a trained kabooter….
    Well … I miss u… Definitely our grp miss u too… Jd nd kv are trying to keep it alive…. .
    Ndddd thnxx pal … U made my day… I am nt saying it superficially… Bt really u did….


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