Letter to someone #1

To the one who I’ll miss the most.

This is gonna get just deep, man. So bear with me.

By the time you see this, I’ll be gone a week. Wait! Do I sound like that Hanna girl from 13 reasons why? Because I’m alive and well. Just, alone.

So let me try again. I’m already away for a week and you can bet your fine ass I miss you buddy.

Not just the lame jokes or tagging in memes, but the excited talk about books. When I’m reading anything (even now), I do think about you and how you would react to that book.

When I watch episodes after episodes, I remember our movies together. (Goodfella mofo)

So don’t you think I forgot you. I can’t. Even when you move a million miles away. Even when we’re not in touch anymore. We’re friends. Scratch that, we’re BEST friends. (Not friendzoning u btw *wink)

So just wait. Wait till I come back with all my charm and fun and weirdness because I’ll be waiting too- for your PJs, innuendos, weird slefies and Canada is great pics.

Did I get too senti? Well, see ya later sucker. (unless I die.)

I CAN PICTURE YOU shaking your head with a lopsided smile muttering, ‘No you won’t.’

No I won’t. 🙂

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