Secrets, Sins and Struggles by Kamini Kusum

readingabook-alignthoughtsSecrets, Sins & Struggles

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My Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Paperback, 224 pages

Published November 10th 2016 by Zorba books

About this Book:

A collection of five tales,Secrets,Sins & Struggles is about the lives and loves of five women, tracing their long, eventful journeys that are anything but linear.

Meet Pooja, a teenager forced into the flesh trade but determined to escape and get justice. Shrawani who dreams of becoming a bureaucrat despite all the trials life throws her way. Avni who is torn between her childhood friend and her brand-new boyfriend. Harsha who is trapped in a loveless arranged marriage while still being haunted by thoughts of her forsaken lover. Geshna who falls head over heels for a high school sweetheart only to find her own life shrinking to accommodate his.

These stories are about the odds stacked against women in their path to love and success.They are also about hope that the next turn will lead to the happiness and success they all long for.

My Review:

Incredible. Poignant and beautiful stories of five women: their secrets, sins and struggles..

They had such a positive outlook to life and rose above the troubles and trials that life threw their way.
It is a fast-paced book and so realistically written that it blurs the line between reality and fiction.
This book tells the story of five women.
Pooja: The girl who escapes her cruel family lie and is forced into the flesh trade. It was so hard reading about this because it hurt to see the brutal truth about what she faced. With such a powerful start, I already knew I was gonna like this book and the author did not disappoint.
With one after the other, such incredible writing and strong stories that leave you completely satisfied in the end. I personally liked Avni’s tale the best though.
What I also liked was how different all these characters were. They weren’t all career-driven feminist women, also weren’t all lovesick puppies. There was a whole blend of different qualities, which in my opinion added to the realism and was probably the main reason why I could connect so nicely with these characters.
But the main theme of the book is visible throughout in these five different stories and the entertainment factor is definitely present. The way Kamini Kusum has portrayed the on-going matters and woven a short-tale around it is commendable.


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