Teenage Diaries- The days that were by Saurabh Sharma

Teenage Diaries: The Days That Were

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Ratings: 3.5/5 stars

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult

About this Book:

“How about bunking the next class and rushing to the cricket field and while you are at it, planting a bomb in the toilet?” Wait, what the hell am I asking you to do with deadlines to catch on!? But allow me to take you down the forgotten memory lanes and remind you of the times when…
You had a fit of breathlessness in front of your crush,
When FLAMES said marriage, you couldn’t help but blush.
Blank calls played Morse codes,
Two meant – you missed her loads.
You were clumsy as shit, because her presence was sublime,
But after your break-up, crying became your favorite pastime.
You bunked the classes and said – ‘Let the studies rot!’
But you never missed Kiran ma’am’s class, ‘coz she was pretty hot!;)
Cricket brought you glory,
And planting a bomb in school changed your story.
Life screwed you over and killed your spirit,
But you’re glad that you anyway did it.
Told from the eyes of an Indian middle-class teenager, this story will make you wonder what you would have done if you were named Ghanshyam and were born a pessimistic nerd, while your optimistic best friend believed in unicorns and utopia! And to add to your woes, what if you fell in love with the most beautiful girl of your school? Wouldn’t you then wait for a miracle to happen?
Well, what if that miracle happened?

My Review:

This wasn’t what I had expected and I was pleasantly surprised. Teenage diaries take us back to the nostalgic days of school where the real struggle was picking between the leisure of back bench or enduring the torture of the first bench but with a person you liked.
Ghanshyam was a pretty relatable character for me because like him I was a bit of a loner in school hating on how the jocks just had it easy. And then I joined them after I grew up to be a little self-confident. And then it didn’t seem too bad.
This story, I wouldn’t call it unique but it was hell of a lot entertaining. With Ghanshyam’s poetry and shayari, the verbal conversations, the crushes, the fights. That start made for a fun ride itself. But the real story starts when Armaan and Sandy enter the game. The whole plot turns better.
As I saw Ghanshyam (No I will not call him GK.) fall into a downward spiral, changing from who he was to what he had become, I couldn’t help but pity him for the inevitable doom he was calling upon himself.
His parents were like the typical Indian parents, and so was his brother, and so was his best-friend. Basically, tonnes of relatable stuff.
I did not like however the flirt he became after Aneya broke his heart. Nor did I find it fun when he cheated, lied, betrayed. But the ending. That pieced back together the story that had started to fall apart.
The grief brought me back in link with the characters, I started feeling for them again and that was beautiful. The author has done a good enough job while penning down this novel though I do have some issues with writing.
Mostly the writing was good and demands praise but in certain parts, I felt like the author was trying too much to give us details but it was hampering the flow. Like the passages about the girl’s attire. there was some use of words that just didn’t fit right with the writing. Sometimes simplification is good too.Also, HE BROKE THE BRO CODE!Any person who talks about friendship the way he does, would never break the bro code.


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